Mobile Repairing Training

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3 Month/2 hours

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Mobile Repairing Training

Prateek institute of information technologies conducts advanced mobile repairing course for students as well as professionals who wish to make a career in handset servicing. It covers repairs of all major brands of mobile phones. It teaches all the skills needed to be a professional mobile phone repair technician.
The program covers both hardware and software repairs. The training starts from basic knowledge of electronics and goes up to advanced troubleshooting of faults. People prefer to learn mobile servicing at Protech Institute because of its systematic and in-depth training with practical and practice on all major topics. After completing the mobile phone repairing course, the trainee will be able to easily repair both GSM and CDMA smartphones. Chinese phones are also covered in the syllabus. One can make a career in it either by working as a technician at any service center or by setting up ones own mobile phone repair business.